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DVB-С 8-ASI Scrambler

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DVB-С 8-ASI Scrambler forms a group output RF stream including up to 4 carriers. Each carrier can include its own program packet. 

The DVB-С 8-ASI Scrambler can work in the following modes: 1RF, 2RF or 4RF. Up to 4 frequencies of RF output can be set in the range of 36-850 MHz.

DVB-С 8-ASI Scrambler is the hardware broadcasting server (able to work with subscribers' data-base while the PC is off), it includes as well as TS remultiplexer (it has 8 ASI inputs) and QAM modulator (QAM 32/64/128/256, symbol-rate 1-6.9 Msymb/s).

DVB-С 8-ASI Scrambler has been designed for using in cable TV network. It is easy in operation and cost effective system.

Thus, with the help of our DVB-С 8-ASI Scrambler (in which are integrated four remultiplexers, four scramblers and four DVB-C modulators) you are able to organize CATV network for broadcasting up to 30 programs including PC channels monitoring system.

 The range of the output frequency adjustment for 3 configuration variants: 1RF, 2RF, 4RF


Examples of packages spectrum arrangement within 48 MHz of 4RF (a) and 2RF (b)



  • DVB-С 8-ASI Scrambler has integrated remultiplexer with 8 ASI inputs — which allows you to form program packages from 8 independent transport streams for further broadcasting
  • DVB-С 8-ASI Scrambler has quadruple modulator — which allows you to form 1, 2 or 4 different carriers at one RF output at the same time
  • MER > 36 dB
  • BER < 1e-8
  • Supports both SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition, 1920x1080i) channels, H.264 / H.265 standard
  • Typical DVB-C set-top-boxes can be used as subscribers' receivers
  • 90% of STBs support the working with DVB-С 8-ASI Scrambler
  • Connection to PC for management: Ethernet (100 Mbit /s), RJ45
  • 1Gbit data port for 5 IP outputs (UDP/RTP protocol)


  • Works 24/7/365
  • Supports state-of-art broadcasting standards
  • Automatic and manual PID insertion
  • EPG, OTA, LCN support, Network search
  • Generation of output stream with up to 92 PID selected from 8 ASI inputs
  • Optional enabling/disabling of stuffing in the IP output
  • Modulation type: QAM; constellation 32/64/128/256
  • The ability to set the frequency of the output IF signal in the range of 36-900 MHz
  • Symbol rate and level of the output RF signal adjustment
  • All settings, including modulator settings and device upgrading, are carried out via LAN (Ethernet 100)
  • 5 IP outputs can be used for IP streaming by UPD/RTP protocol, as well as for output or input ASI stream monitoring at your PC
  • Parameters indication on the LCD
  • Quick replacement of the device in the system without stream rescan

Input Interface 8×DVB-ASI inputs; 1×IP input
Output Interface 2×DVB-ASI outputs, 1×RF output, 1×100M IP output
Modulation parameters
Frequency Range 36-900 MHz
Modulation Type QAM; constellation 32/64/128/256
Output Signal Bandwidth less 8 MHz
Adjustable Symbol Rate 1-6.9 Msym/s, 1 ksym/s step
Output RF Signal Level 80-100 dBuV, adjustment -10 dBuV
IP stream
IP RTP, UDP protocol support
Power Supply
Power ~220V+\-20%
Power Consumption Max 18 W
Size 19'', 1U 480×45×180 (mm)
Weight 3.5 Kg