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SWA-K-360 is K-band omni slotted waveguide antenna designed for MVDS / MMDS broadcasting systems. SWA-K-360 has 360 deg radiation pattern, high gain of 13dBi and wide frequency range of 18.6-26.7 GHz. SWA-K-360 has compact dimensions, minimal visibility and minimum windage characteristics. Signal transmitted by SWA-K-360 can be received by typical K-band satellite dish and LNB.

Key features:

  • Omnidirectional: 360-degree radiation pattern
  • Frequency range of 18.6-26.7 (or any 800-1000 MHz of K-band)
  • High gain: 13 dBi
  • Full K-band covering
  • Light weight
  • Compact size

Main functions:

  • Transmit K-band signals
  • Applied as a part of broadcasting station, repeater and interactive microwave system


Frequency range, GHz 18.6-26.7 (any 800-1000 MHz of this range)
Gain, dBi, at least 13
Gain variation in the aperture, dB, not more ±2
VSWR, max 2
Polarization Linear, horizontal, vertical (by order)
Cross-polarization, dB, not less 25
@horizontal 360° (180° optional)
Input power, W, up to 20
Waveguide WR-42 flange
Operating temperature, ° C -40 ... +80
Humidity 100% @ 25°C
Casing material dust/moisture proof