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DRA-Ku09 is Ku-band double reflector antenna (Cassegrain antenna) designed for transmitting radio relay stations (RRS), MVDS / MMDS broadcasting systems. Antenna is performed as a single block with flange for transmitter or receiver connecting. Using one or several radio relay links allows to transfer the broadcast signal from/to remote TV (cable) operators or from/to remote head-end without wires. Thus, the current transmission method is especially useful in difficult terrain in the service area where cable laying is impossible.

Key features:

  • High gain: 36 dBi
  • Full Ku-band covering
  • Beam(H): 2°; Beam (V): 2°
  • Cross-polarization isolation of 25 dB

Main functions:

  • Transmission or receiving of Ku-band signals
  • Applied as a part of broadcasting head-end station, repeater, interactive microwave system and used at subscriber's receiving side

Frequency range, GHz 10 - 14
Gain, dBi 36
Polarization Linear or circular
Cross-polarization isolation, dB 25
Side-lobe level relative to the main beam, dB  
Input power, W 20
Waveguide WR-75 or С-120
Temperature range, °C -50 to +80
Humidity 100% where 25°C
Size, mm 980x980x310
Weight, kg  12.5
Mount Mounting on a vertical pipe with a diameter of 50-100 mm
Casing material Canvas coverage


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