Re-multiplexeur DVB-8TS

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Destiné à l’intégration de services provenant de 8 entrées ASI indépendantes et prépare les flux de transport pour une modulation DVB-C / T / T2 / S / S2 / S2x ultérieure.

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Input standard DVB ASI
Mode packet, byte
Package lenght 188/204
Determination of the type input stream automatic
Quantity of input ports 8
Input connector type BNC
Input voltage 200..880 mV
Input resistance 75 Ohm
Input bit-rate to 216 Mb/s
Amount filtered elementary stream on each input to 256
Output standard DVB ASI
Quantity of output ports 2
Output connector type BNC
Output voltage 800 mV
Output resistance 75 Ohm
Output bit-rate to 216 Mb/s
The step of the installation to output velocity 1 b/s
Mode packet, byte
Package lenght 188/204
The amount service in output transport stream to 128
Amounts elementary stream in output stream to 8191
Intervals of the measurement of the velocities stream from 1 seconds to 1 week
Indicators, key field, display to front panel of management
The indicators conditions of the system
Key field, display to front panel of management (optional) image of the condition of the system and deskside
  DVB-ASI TS Re-Multiplexer Form factor
Form factor 1RU (19″)
Size 44mm х 482mm х 240mm
Voltage 88..264 In variable current
Frequency of the current 47..63 Hz
The Worker temperature from 0C to +50С
Operating humidity 80%, non‐condensing

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