DVB-T Modulator

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Multichannel DVB-T/T2 modulator is developed special for professional TV broadcasting. It supports modulations from QPSK to 64-QAM with high modulation error rate (MER) more than 27 dB.

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This type of modulator supports the DVB-T/T2 standard. DVB-T-T2 Modulator is controlled by our own developed VCC software by Ethernet. DVB-T-T2 Modulator has input BNC connector and can be produced with N-, F- or SMA-type of output connectors by order. The DVB-T-T2 Modulator is professional device and it is usually used by TV operators for modulation up to QAM256.


  • supports symbol-rate up to 45 Msymb/s
  • output frequency range of 70 – 865 MHz
  • supports constellations from QPSK to 64-QAM
  • has high modulation error rate (MER)
  • has output level of 80-107 dBµV
  • can be produced from 1 to 32 independent modulation channels
  • optionally has 10 MHz reference and DC injection


  • remote control by Ethernet
  • if power is lost all saved settings are recovered in the device after restoration of supply
  • integrated over‐voltage protection (by power supplying)
  • integrated over‐load protection (by power supplying)
  • integrated short‐circuit protection (by power supplying)
Interface, connector type RF, N-type (F or SMA as option)
RF Output:
RFout (50Ω) 80-100 dBµV
Number of inputs, connector type RF output N-type (F or SMA as option)
Injection Optionaly can provide injection of DC and 10 MHz reference
Modulation parameters DVB-T mode:
Constellation   QAM16 / QAM32 / QAM64
Modulation Error Rate (MER)   >40 dB
FEC  1/2 , 2/3 , 3/4 , 5/6 , 7/8
Symbolrate   –
Bandwidth  5, 6, 7, 8 MHz
Signals injection
10 MHz reference  10-6-10-8 stability (optionally)
Power injection  for the BUC 24V, 3А (optionally)
Interface RJ-45, Ethernet
Power Supply
Input Voltage  110‐240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption  6W per channel
Operating Temperature  0℃ to 45℃ (32℉ to 113℉)
Storage Temperature ‐20℃ to 80℃ (‐4℉ to 176℉)
Operating Humidity  90%, non‐condensing
Dimensions (W x H x D)  1RU: 483mm x 44.5mm x 450mm, 19’’ x 1.73’’ (1RU) x 17.7’’
2RU: 483mm x 89mm x 450mm, 19’’ x 3.5’’ (2RU) x 17.7’’

Taking into consideration that we (UMT LLC) are developer and system integrator, also do not stop on our technical growth and improvement, know that view of all our devices and equipment including their technical parameters may be different from pictures presented on website and parameters listed on each device webpage. 
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