RCPOA 8-18 GHz

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RCPOA 8-18 GHz is Reflective Conical Parabolic Omni Antenna which receives ALL polarizations: vertical V / horizontal H / right-hand circular RHCP / left-hand circular LHCP / elliptical

► It is designed for both X + Ku bands

► Has 360° radiation pattern

► Supports ALL polarizations 

► Wide frequency range of 8-18 GHz 

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Parameter Value
Frequency range, GHz 8-18
Gain, min, dB 7.0
VSWR, max 2.5
Polarization All ( vertical V / horizontal H / right-hand circular RHCP / left-hand circular LHCP or elliptical by order )
HPBW (vertical), av., deg 11°
Input power, kW 1
Input and output connectors SMA or K-type
Storing temperature range, °C -40 to +70
Working temperature range, °C -10 to +50
Humidity 100%
Dimensions (height/diameter), mm 570/625
Weight, kg, max
Allowable wind speed, mps
Casing material Radio transparent plastic
Mount Mounting on a horizontal surface

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