8ch with CI slots DVB-S2 IRD v2.0

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8 channel with CI slots DVB-S2 IRD v2.0 is multichannel Professional Integrated Receiver and Descrambler designed for high-quality TV broadcasting. It can demodulate and descramble up to 8 channels by integrated 8 DVB-S/S2 satellite tuners with CI slots.

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  • 8 independent DVB-S / S2 receivers with built-in CI (Common Interface)
  • 8 DVB-CI slots support multi-program decryption
  • 8 ASI outputs 
  • built-in 1Gbit IP streamer (supports 64 SPTS or 8 MPTS)
  • Management via WEB interface

8ch with CI slots DVB-S2 IRD v2.0 is professional receiver which includes 8 independent DVB-S/S2 receivers with integrated CI (Common Interfaces) and supports multi-program decryption (descrambling, MSD).

8ch with CI slots DVB-S2 IRD v2.0 has ASI outputs which allow to use IRD with external DVB multiplexers, modulators and other digital TV equipment for streaming and broadcasting. Each ASI output corresponds to respective DVB-S/S2 input.

Built-in 1Gbit IP streamer supports DVB-over-IP protocol. You may organize IPTV broadcasting of up to 64 SPTS or 8 MPTS due to obtaining streams from 8 DVB-S2 receiver. IP streamer supports Unicast and/or Multicast transmitting technologies.

The powerful functions and features of the 8 channel with CI slots DVB-S2 IRD v2.0 with our multiplexers, modulators, scramblers, BUC, antennas, etc. allow you to organize the DVB TV head-end for SD, HD and UHD (4k) channels broadcasting by RF and/or by IP.

8ch with CI slots DVB-S2 IRD v2.0 is controlled by WEB interface.

The 8 channel with CI slots DVB-S2 IRD v2.0 has 1U dimensions for mounting in standard 19” telecommunication rack. Thus you can replace 8 independent receivers with only one 8-channel with CI slots DVB-S2 IRD, saving place in rack, obtaining compact and high-performance receiving part (working 24/7) with a lot of additional integrated modules.

DVB-S / S2 receiver inputs
Channels quantity 8
Input frequency range, MHz 950-2150 
Input signal level, dBm -65 … -25 
Nominal input impedance, Ohm 75 
Connector type IEC, F-type
Modulation QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK
Symbol rate, Msymb/s 1-45 (for QPSK, 8PSK), 1-36 (for 16APSK)
FEC auto, 1/2, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9, 9/10
LNB Power Parameters 13/18 V, 400 mA max.
Common interface
CI slots quantity 8
Standard EN50221, ETSI TS 101699
DVB-ASI outputs
Quantity 8
Standard EN 50083-9
Output impedance, Ohm 75 
Connector type IEC 169-8, BNC-type
Operation modes Packet, 188 byte
Maximum output bit-rate, Mbps 213 
Standard ETSI TS 102034
IP streaming protocols RTP, UDP
Max. number of multicast streams 64 SPTS or 8 MPTS
Max. number of unicast connections 8 MPTS
Network interface RJ45 1Gbit Ethernet