2 ch DVB-S-S2 receiver board

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2 ch DVB-S-S2 receiver board is designed to convert the DVB-S/S2 IF (intermediate frequency in the L-band obtained from the LNB) to parallel DVB TS (transport stream).


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2 ch DVB-S-S2 receiver board can be used to design and build various converters, transmodulators and other digital broadcasting equipment together with other our boards:

Thus 2 ch DVB-S-S2 receiver can be the part of:

Management, monitoring and configuration of 2 ch DVB-S-S2 receiver board is provided by TCP/IP using our IP control board.


  • all types of satellite signal modulations (DVB-S/S2) are supported;
  • small size of the board;
  • low power consumption.

Video instructions about 2 ch DVB-S-S2 receiver board watch here Youtube