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DVB IP input/output board

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DVB IP input/output board can be used to build various digital broadcasting equipment to enable it to receive transport streams over an Ethernet network, and also to create various gateways (IP-to-ASI, etc.) and devices such as modulators, receivers, etc. The transport stream from the module can be transmitted to the DVB-S / S2 / T modulators, DVB TS-to-ASI converters and others. Control, monitoring and adjustment of DVB IP input/output board parameters is carried out using a PC via the Ethernet interface using special software.

This DVB IP input/output board gives flexibility when creating equipment from modules in various combinations.

Input interface 10/100 Base-T , Full/Half Duplex
Negotiation with the connected equipment Auto/manually
Input connector type RJ-45
Maximum input bitrate 90 Mbit/s
Supported input protocols  UDP/RTP, Unicast/Multicast
Stream standard (required for board) DVB over IP
Number of DVB-transport packets in one Ethernet frame 1…7
SMPTE encapsulation standards 2022-2, 2022-3
Output interface  synchronous parallel 
Maximum output bitrate  90 Mbit/s
Management Interface Ethernet, RS-232
Supply voltage 8…18 V
Consumed power , no more than 3 W
Board dimensions  110х80 mm