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new PLL LNB with AGC

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UMT presents new Ku-band PLL LNB with AGC .

It is professional LNB which has the following advantages comparing with old one: wide dynamic range - up to 50 dB (biggest among any other LNB). AGC range: 25 dB, LO instability: 50 kHz, Gain (min): 40 dB.

Ku-band PLL LNB with AGC is professional low noise block down converter with automatic gain control designed for MVDS / MITRIS TV broadcasting systems (links and repeaters) application in which the signal stability is very important. In addition, PLL LNB with AGC has wide dynamic range (power at the input) which is the biggest among other LNBs. 

New PLL LNB with AGC has the following advantages comparing with old one: 

  • higher level stability
  • higher frequency stability
  • wider dynamic range - up to 50 dB (biggest among any other LNB)
  • less weight and dimensions
  • less price

 Output frequency range: 950 - 1950 MHz


  • Wide dynamic range (power at the input) - up to 50 dB (biggest among any other LNB)
  • AGC range: 25 dB
  • Waveguide: WR75
  • Flange: PBR120
  • 75 Ohm F-type or 50 Ohm N-type output connector

Input parameters:
Input Frequency range any 1 GHz (from Ku-band by order)
Input level range - 65 ... -15 dBm
Input VSWR, max 1.8
Input interface Waveguide WR75, Flange UBR120
Local Oscillator:
LO frequency by order
LO Phase noise:
@1 kHz -77 dBc/Hz 
@10 kHz -87 dBc/Hz 
@100 kHz -97 dBc/Hz 
LO instability ± 100 kHz (or by order)
Output parameters:
Output frequency range 950 - 1750 MHz
Output Power @P1dB 0 dBm
Gain, min 40 dB
Output interface N/F-type female (by order)
Output impedance 50/75 Ohm
Output VSWR, max 1.8 : 1
Frequency Response:
Flatness over Full Band 3 dB
Flatness over 27MHz Band 0.5 dB
Noise figure given to the input, no more 5.0 dB
LO leakage, max -50 dBm
Image rejection, min 60 dBc
Power Supply:
Input voltage 15 VDC - 30 VDC, nominal 18 VDC
Power consumption, max 5 W
Operating temperature –40℃ to +60℃ (–40℉ to +140℉) 
Storage temperature –40℃ to +80℃ (–40℉ to +176℉)
Operating humidity 0% - 95%
Dimensions (W x H x D) 55x38x116 mm
Weight 0.25 kg