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Request for TV repeater system

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1. What type of repeater do You need:
a) Repeater for RRL
b) Broadcasting repeater

2. Coordinates point A (source of signal for repeater), GPS

3. Coordinates point B (repeater), GPS

4. Coordinates point C (what location must receive signal from repeater), GPS

5. Coordinates of other possible points, GPS

6. Lifting height of the antenna point A, m

7. Lifting height of the antenna point B, m

8. Lifting height of the antenna point C (for RRL repeater), m

9. Distance from equipment room to the antenna installation point B (cable length), m

10. Type of transmitting antenna on the repeater (for broadcasting repeater)

11. Broadcasting standard (DVB-S, -S2, -C, -T, -T2)

12. Frequency range for RRL, GHz

13. Polarization (Horizontal, Vertical, Circular)

14. Quantity of carriers (frequency channels)

15. What type of system do You have at the moment?

16. Inform us about other radio-electronic systems, which can make interference with planned link

17. Your notes:

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