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4 ch DVB-S-S2 Modulator v.2.0

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It supports modulations from QPSK to 16APSK and sybol-rate up to 44Msymb/s.

Using our 4 ch DVB-S-S2 Modulator v.2.0 you're able to obtain both user-friendly management interface (connection by Ethernet) and stable 24/7 equipment including up-to-date parameters which are listed in parameters tab.


  • has 4 independent modulation channels
  • output frequency range of 950-2150 MHz
  • supports symbol-rate up to 44 Msymb/s
  • supports constellations up to 16APSK
  • has high modulation error rate (MER), more than 30 dB
  • has output RF-level of 80-100 dBµV
  • integrated output RF power attenuation


  • remote control by Ethernet
  • if power is lost all saved settings are recovered in the device after restoration of supply
  • manual output RF power variation
  • integrated over‐voltage protection (by power supplying)
  • integrated over‐load protection (by power supplying)
  • integrated short‐circuit protection (by power supplying)



Input interface, connector ASI, BNC-type
Channels quantity 4
Input bitrate per channel, max, Mbit/s 90
Output interface, connector RF, F-type
Channels quantity 4
Output frequency range, MHz 950-2150 (L-band)
Constellations QPSK … 16APSK
FEC up to 9/10
Roll-off factor 0.20, 0.25, 0.35
Symbol-rate, max, Msymb/s  
for QPSK … 8PSK 44
for 16APSK 35
Output RF power, dBuV 80 … 100
Output RF power attenuation, dB -47 … 0
Interface, connector Ethernet, RJ-45