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BUC-K-1-23.55 is block up-converter with fixed output power P1dB 1 W (ALC power: 100 mW) and LO of 23.55 GHz.

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BUC-K-1-23.55 is designed for MVDS TV broadcasting systems application in accordance with DVB-S/S2 or DVB-C and operates with up to 25 carriers. BUC-K-1-23.55 has output flange of PBR260 type (in accordance with WR34) and can be used with regular radio-relay link (directional) or broadcast (sector and OMNI) antennas. 

BUC-K-1-23.55 supports all modulation types up to 32APSK and 256QAM. BUC-K-1-23.55 has the best linearity parameters to ensure the stability of the output frequency and low IMD3 level. BUC-K-1-23.55 has input frequency range of 950-1450 MHz (L-band) and provides 24.5-25.0 GHz output frequency range (K-band).

Input parameters
Input frequency range, MHz 950 – 1450 
Input impedance, Ohm 50
Input level, max, dBm  -2
Input VSWR, max  1.5 
Input interface N-type, female 
ALC range, min, dB  25
ALC threshold level, dBm -27
Local oscillator
LO frequency, GHz  23.55
LO phase noise, dBc/Hz :  
@1 kHz -80
@10 kHz -85
@100 kHz -100
LO instability, ppm ± 2 
Output parameters
Output frequency range, GHz 24.5-25.0
Output power @P1dB, W 1
ALC output power, mW 100 
Gain, min, dB 47
IMD3 level at ALC output, dBc power, max -37
Output interface waveguide WR34, flange PBR260
Output VSWR, max 2
Frequency response
Flatness over Full Band, dB ± 1.5 
In-band P1dB, max, dBc -55
Out-Band, max, dBm -30
LO leakage at ALC output, dBm power, max -40
Image rejection, min, dB 60
Power supply
Input voltage, VDC 18-30 (nominal 24)
Power consumption, max, W 20
Operating temperature, oC -40 … +50
Storage temperature, oC -60 … +80
Operating humidity, % 100 (non-condensing)
Dimensions (W x H x D), mm 121×130×79 
Weight, kg 1.51 

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