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Ku-band bandpass filter

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Our Ku bandpass filter can be used in transmitters to:

  • reduce the out-of-band emissions
  • limit the signal bandwidth
  • reduce the transmitter noise bandwidth

Also this Ku bandpass filter can be used as diplexer filter in RRL stations as receiver filter for increasing the signal-noise ratio.

Filter type waveguide bandpass
Waveguide type WR75
Waveguide flange types UBR120 and PBR120
Bandwidth, GHz 11.7-12.2
Filter characteristic type Chebyshev/Batervord
Amplitude-frequency characteristic unevenness of filter in bandwidth,  dB, max +/- 0.5
Real loss in bandwidth,  dB, max
Rejection from transmission band edge of 100 МHz, dB, not less 45
VSWR, max 1.5 
Case material Aluminium alloy