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BUC-C40 is block up-converter with fixed output power P1dB 40 W. BUC-C40 has LED status indication at the rear side.

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The 40W C-band BUC is a rugged, compact solid state amplifier (SSPA) with integrated block up converter (BUC) suitable for fixed and mobile satellite communications with high data rate or multicarrier requirements. The 40W C-band BUC is an outdoor, environmentally sealed product that can be mounted close to the antenna feed to reduce waveguide loss. 


  • Outdoor SSPA with integrated BUC
  • Compact, Lightweight Package
  • M&C capability via RS232, Ethernet
  • High linearity
Input parameters: 
Input Frequency range 950 – 1525 MHz
Input impedance 50 Ohm
Input VSWR, max  1.5
Input interface N-type Female 
Local Oscilator: 
LO frequency  4900 MHz 
LO Phase noise   @1 kHz -85 dBc/Hz 
@10 kHz -95 dBc/Hz 
@100 kHz -105 dBc/Hz
Output parameters: 
Output frequency range 5850 – 6425  MHz
Output Power @P1dB, min (GaAs) 40 W (46 dBm)
Gain, min  66 dB
IMD3 (two tones) -25 dBc max 2 signal 5 MHz apart at @P1dB
Output interface  WR137-G (Waveguide Flange)
Output VSWR, max 2.0:1
Frequency Response:
Flatness over Full Band ±2 dB (4 dB p-p max)
Gain flatness 40 MHz ± 0.5 dB
External frequency  10 MHz
Power range ref. -5 dBm to +5 dBm
In-band @P1dB, max -50 dBc
Out-Band, max -60 dBc
LO leakage  -40 dBm
Image rejection, min 60 dB
Power Supply: 
Input voltage 90-240 VAC, 47-63Hz
Power consumption, max < 230 W
Operating temperature -20℃ to +50℃ 
Operating humidity 0 – 95 %
IF input connector: N-type female; RF output connector: WR137-G
AC connector: PQ14-3; Monitor & Control connector: FQ24-19
Monitor & Control: Serial RS-232, Step Attenuator, Ethernet
LED indicator: Green – OK, Red – Alarm, blink Yellow – MUTE
Dimensions 260x135x92 mm
Weight, max 4.7  kg

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