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DVB ASI TS input board

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ASI TS received by DVB ASI TS input board is used for our boards which create streams for further broadcasting in RF or IP. It can be ASI-to-IP converters and DVB-S-S2-T modulators.

Type of input signal  DVB ASI, electric  
Modes of operation  burst, byte
Number of bytes in the packet 188/204
Determining the type of input stream automatic
Number of inputs 1
Input connector type BNC
Input voltage 200..880 mV
Input impedance 75 Ohm
Input bitrate  up to 180 Mbps
Output transport stream bitrate up to 180 Mbps
Operating mode byte
Number of bytes in the packet 188
Indication LED: carrier lock, frame lock, frame size, error, power
Power supply +5 VDC +/-5%
Consumed power, no more than 2 W
Module board dimensions  80х60 mm