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DVB boards for professional TV equipment


Thumb dvb s s2 t l band modulator umt llc

L-band DVB-S-S2-T modulator board

L-band DVB-S-S2-T modulator board is designed for DVB TS (transport stream) modulating, creating the L-band IF signal from parallel TS for further broadcasting in DVB-S, DVB-S2 or DVB-T standards.


Thumb dvb receiver 2 ch umt llc

2 ch DVB-S-S2 receiver board

2 ch DVB-S-S2 receiver board is designed to convert the DVB-S/S2 IF (intermediate frequency in the L-band obtained from the LNB) to parallel DVB TS (transport stream). 




Thumb ip control board 6 ch umt llc

6 ch IP control board

This IP control board has 6 ports for connecting and managing the 6 independent DVB boards (modulator, receiver, IP input or output boards, etc.). As a result you are able to make any device for digital TV broadcasting.



Thumb dvb asi input board umt llc

DVB ASI TS input board

DVB ASI TS input board is designed to convert the ASI TS into parallel DVB TS and can be used with other our boards for building ASI-IP converters modulators and other digital broadcasting equipment. 


Thumb dvb ip input output board umt llc

DVB IP input/output board

DVB IP input/output board is designed for receiving/transmitting the DVB TS using UDP / RTP protocols accordingly to DVB-over-IP standard including converting from/into synchronous parallel interface.